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At Altimus Distributing, we claim to be the “Laundry Experts”, offering the best equipment. It only makes sense to now take care of the chemicals. We have teamed up with Anderson Chemical Company, using “The Integra Program”, they use a proprietary chemical staging and delivery technology, to solve all of your laundry and housekeeping needs.

Delivering Chemicals for Housekeeping, Kitchens & Other Commercial Uses

Whether you are a hotel owner looking to make the lives of your housekeeping staff easier with safe and effective chemicals they can use while cleaning, or a healthcare facility looking to sanitize and disinfect, Altimus Distributing Inc., has what you need.

We offer solutions for:

  • Housekeeping and hotel
  • Healthcare
  • Athletic Clubs
  • Schools and Colleges

Benefits the INTEGRA® System Can Bring Your Business

  1. SAFETY – DOSE capsules are factory sealed and product is only dispensed when properly installed in the DOSE Activator.
  2. CONVENIENCE – No water hook up is required for this system to operate.
  3. COSTS – DOSE Systems significantly reduce equipment costs and service calls.
  4. SIMPLICITY – Training employees how to operate the DOSE System is quick and easy.
  5. ACCURACY – Since the DOSE System does not rely on water pressure and metering tips, product is accurately dispensed EVERY time.
  6. RELIABILITY – With only one moving part, there is no maintenance or calibration ever required on a DOSE System, eliminating service calls.
  7. CONSISTENCY – Because of the accuracy and reliability, you can be assured that cleaning solutions will always be properly mixed.
  8. SUSTAINABILITY – DOSE’s concentrated products reduce the impacts of transportation. The inverted installation of the DOSE capsule ensures that all product is used for the proper cleaning application. Product capsules are recyclable.
  9. VERSATILITY – If desired, DOSE Systems can be easily set up for continuous flow tasks like mop bucket, auto scrubber, and sink filling applications.

Altimus Distributing Inc., and the INTEGRA system are specifically focused on reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and improving sustainability. Commercial laundries are notorious for consuming large amounts water (mostly hot) and using harsh chemicals that can take a significant toll on your expensive linen. “The Integra System”  incorporates a wide variety of chemicals ranging from totally green detergents to conventional high alkaline products. This gives us the flexibility to design formulas based on chemistry, equipment, and water conditions as well as fabric and clientele. These formulas have been tested in premier resorts, hotels/motels and nursing homes across the state. The results are lower operating costs and superior cleaning for our clients. Period.

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